Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Multi-Measure Projects

What is a Multi-Measure project?

Through a Multi-Measure project, a promoter who aims to carry out several Activities under Action 1 over a period of up to 18 months can submit a single application combining:

  • either between two and five Activities of the same type (e.g. from two to five Youth Exchanges)
  • or between two and five Activities of different types (e.g. one Multilateral Youth Exchange, two Youth Initiatives and one Youth Democracy Project).

All Activities supported through Action 1 can be combined within a Multi-Measure agreement, except for Bilateral and Trilateral Youth Exchanges. Please note that Multi-Measure applications submitted under Action 1 to the Executive Agency should concern sub-actions 1.1 and 1.3 exclusively

The aims of a Multi-Measure project are specifically to:

  • reduce the administrative burden on promoters that have experience in managing grants under the Youth in Action Programme or other European Union Programmes
  • move the focus to quality aspects in project planning and implementation
  • enable the setting up of wider visibility and dissemination measures.

What else should you know about a Multi-Measure project Action 1?

Each Activity foreseen in a Multi-Measure project will be assessed separately according to the criteria set above. The National Agency or Executive Agency may reject one of more Activities included in the Multi-Measure project due to non-compliance with any of the criteria above. In such cases, the project may still be approved even though the number of Activities will be reduced. This will imply a consequent reduction of the grant awarded to the project.

More information about Multi-Measure projects in Action 1 can be obtained from the official Youth in Action Programme Guide

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