Saturday, January 20, 2018
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First Aid Kit & Recover Position

First Aid Kit

What should be a content of Your first Aid Kit

  1. First-aid book.
  2. Triangular Bandages X 3 to 5.
  3. Conforming Bandages, 10cm and 15cm X 2 each.
  4. Crepe Bandage 7.5cm X 2.
  5. Tape 2.5cm X 1 Roll.
  6. Tape 2.5cm X 1 Roll.
  7. Absorbent Gauze (Small Roll).
  8. Band-aids (Plasters) X 1 Box
  9. Sterile Dressings (Selection)..
  10. Cotton Wool (50gr.).
  11. Antihistamine, (for Bee Stings.
  12. Antiseptic Solution 50ml.
  13. Antiseptic Wipes X 4.
  14. Scissors.
  15. Safety Pins X 12.
  16. Tongue Depressor X 4.
  17. Latex Gloves, Pair X 2.
  18. Clinical Thermometer.
  19. Pen Torch.

Band aids or sticky plasters are great for dressing small wounds. They come in all shapes and sizes for fingers, legs and anywhere else you might get little nicks and cuts. Some come with cartoons and fancy colors on them for kids. Make sure the Band aid is big enough to cover the wound, if not you should use a dressing instead. Be sure the sterile seal on the Band aid is intact before you use it.

Sterile dressings are cloth pads that are placed directly on a wound to protect and control bleeding They too come in all shapes and sizes and should be used when a wound is too large for a band aid. In an emergency a clean tea cloth, hand towel, clean tee-shirt can be used to cover the wound.

Bandages used to cover and secure wound dressings to the body (e.g. conforming or roller bandages). Triangular bandages are used as above if you have no roller bandages. They are also used to immobilize an injured limb (e.g. arm sling). Crepe bandages which are normally used to provide compression for injuries such as a sprained ankle, wrist etc.

Latex gloves are always a good idea, especially if you are dealing with body fluids from a stranger. You will notice all EMS personnel wear gloves. The possibility of disease transmission from the victim's blood should be in the forefront of your mind. (If I have cuts on my hand, I wear two pairs of gloves). Last but not lest, remember to wash your hands before and after treatment.

Antihistamine cream is used for bee stings and bug bites. Follow the manufactures instructions. If the victim is allergic to bee venom they may develop anaphylactic shock. If this happens they need to be seen by a Doctor. Now!

Recover Position

The Recover Position ensures that a casualty maintains an open airway, that the tongue cannot fall to the back of the throat, that the head and neck remain in an extended position so that the air passage is widened, and any vomit or fluid will drain freely.


You will notice the casualty is lying on his side, supported by one leg and one arm. In the case of head or ear injury, keep the injured side down.

Where there are fractures in the upper or lower body, where the casualty is lying in a confined space, or where it is not possible to use the bent limbs as supports, the Recover Position can be modified. In such cases, a rolled blanket can be laid down the front of the body. This method can also be used to transport a casualty on a stretcher in the Recover Position.

N.B.: When moving the casualty, always do so as a total unit i.e. keep the casualty's head and trunk aligned at all times.

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